The Art, Sports and Animation camp has been a favourite of our three boys for many years. The balance of creative engagement and exploration, and physical activity fuels their hearts, minds and bodies. Possibly the greatest testament to the quality of fun is that our boys fly out of bed in the morning and are always keen for another day’s adventure. The staff and student leaders always deliver a first class experience.
-- John Chettleburgh, Toronto

My daughter and son have had the privilege of spending 4 summers at the Arts, Sports & Animation Camp. It is the perfect combination of creative, experiential exploration, action, and fun. The efforts that these teachers go to, in order to provide incredible care and activities, is astounding. We have yet to find a more enjoyable camp week, and we have had the luxury of trying many different camps. My kids look so forward to this week all year. Thank you to all you amazing teachers!
-- Natasha Feder, Toronto

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